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Specializing in bed bug extermination, All Bed Bugs Begone has been providing affordable relief to homes throughout Arizona since 2009. We are the premier provider of chemical-free extermination services, providing safe, single-service exterminations that require little preparation beforehand.

Our services are up to 60% less expensive than other companies due to our efficiency. We are committed to customer service and assist you in ways that other companies overlook, like moving furniture and rehanging blinds. We definitely bring the heat when it comes to battling bed bugs — your home is heated up to 185°, which is far above the 122° limit at which bed bugs perish.

What sets us apart from our competition is that we don’t use any chemical ingredients you need to worry about causing long-lasting odors, harm to people and animals, or any other worries. The bed bug heat treatment is a 100% green operation that we can guarantee will work. We are so confident in the heat treatment that we provide a 30-day warranty.

If you would like to speak with us, contact us at our Phoenix location at (480) 710-3961 or our Mesa location at (480) 659-9011.

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"All Bed Bugs Begone helped me with my bed bug problem. By the time the treatment was over, all of my bed bugs were gone. I thank the whole team for their outstanding service."

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