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4 Reasons Why Bed Bugs Are So Pesky!

Pesky Bed Bugs!Bed bugs have been documented as pests since the 17th century. Experts believe that they were brought into our country by the early colonists. They were known to be common in this country prior to WWII. At that time, the widespread use of DDT and other insecticides greatly reduced their numbers. Due to the increase in world-wide travel, bed bugs are now making a comeback! Although experts’ opinions vary, there are several factors that have been implicated in their return. Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Bed bug eggs and adult bugs are transported in luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture, so the increase in international travel and commerce has contributed to their return. It is also important to inspect any second hand items acquired, such as bedding, mattresses, curtains, and furniture, before bringing them into homes. With changes in our economy and antiques enthusiasts, second hand items have become more popular and therefore so has the bed bug!
  • Since bed bugs like to hitchhike, when traveling, try to keep suitcases off of the floors in hotel rooms. Even a clean hotel can be a carrier of these pesky bugs, since an infestation has little to do with lack of cleanliness. Upon your return, always check your luggage before unloading just to make sure you don’t have any hitchhikers tagging along. Bed bugs have been known to infest airplanes, ships, trains and buses as well, so try to remember the luggage rules in all public areas. Anywhere you visit that has a high rate of occupant turnover, bed bugs can be found. It does not always mean that it is the fault of poor hygiene or bad housekeeping, so always investigate before getting comfortable!
  • People have become more reluctant to use powerful yet dangerous pesticides and some experts even question their effectiveness in combating bed bugs. They believe that bed bugs may have developed resistance to many of the pesticides used today. As a result, a process known as bed bug heat treatment is very effective in treating bed bug infestations. Many bed bug pest control experts in Phoenix, such as All Bed Bugs Begone, believe that heat is the most effective way to kill the pesky critters and ensure that they remain gone. According to experts, only very high temperatures applied by professional bed bug exterminators can resolve a bed bug problem correctly. Your Phoenix bed bug exterminators are your trained professionals who can educate you on the differences and advantages of the heat method versus other pesticide options for your particular situation.
  • Another significant factor, which has allowed bed bugs to spread across the United States again at this alarming rate, is just simply the lack of public awareness. Many people just don’t believe that they have been affected or don’t even realize that these vampire bugs exist. Given the fact that they are night feeders, many of us lay in bed unaware of the fact that they might be feasting while we are sleeping. Because these pesky parasites are so secretive, often don’t give a second thought to all the different ways they could be allowing them access into their homes.

Now that you know a few more facts about bed bugs and are better educated on the subject, you can be more aware of the way these bugs travel and spread. Knowledge and information are power with these pesky bugs! For your peace of mind, be sure to contact us for all your questions and concerns.

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