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5 Common Bed Bug Misconceptions

What’s really true and not true about bed bugs?  Lets investigate some common questions that we all have regarding these human parasites that feed on us in the night!


Q: Does the presence of bed bugs in my home mean my home is dirty?
Answer: Bed bugs can happen to anyone.  Unfortunately, even the cleanest of homes can be infested with bed bugs from outside sources. Bed bugs can survive long periods of time without food, which allows them to travel along with anyone to your home or be brought in from the outside. Clean is always good, but it can never fully protect you against these pesky bugs, which may arrive in furniture, luggage, or clothing.

Q: Do Bed bugs transmit diseases?
Answer:  Although over 27 human disease agents such as viruses, bacteria, parasitic worms and Protozoa have been found in bed bugs, very few can survive for any length of time inside the bed bug. These agents also do not reproduce or multiply.  As a result, there is NO evidence at all that these bugs are involved in transmitting disease from bite victim to bite victim.

Q: Can I get bed bugs from public transportation?
Answer: Yes. Bed bugs are “hitch-hikers” and can travel with people wherever they go.  Train seats and bus seats are no exception. Bed bugs can also be hitching a ride on that luggage that sits next to you on public transportation. The increase in world travel has been credited as one of the main reasons for the recent resurfacing of bed bug infestations in the last decade.  Hotel rooms are notorious for infestations, due to the high number of people sleeping in the same rooms, and should always be inspected before you rest your head on that mattress or lay your suitcase on the couch.

Q: Is heat treatment more effective in eliminating bed bugs?
Answer:  Heat treatment is very effective in treating your bed bug infestation.  Many bed bug heat treatment specialists believe that heat is THE best way to kill them. Experts believe that the bed bug population has developed resistance to many pesticides that are commonly used in treatments, and therefore prefer the heat treatment method in order to make sure that the job is done right. The most effective treatment is actually a combination heat and chemical treatment, which can be safely applied by a bed bug technician. Your local Phoenix area bed bug pest control expert is your best source for solving your infestation problem and recommending what is right for you in your particular situation.

Q: Wouldn’t I know if I had bugs in my bed?
Answer:  We might all want to think that of course we would know if we had bugs in our bed or our home, but that is not the case. Because these bugs are sneaky, silent and nocturnal parasites, we may never know that we have them as guests in our beds and homes. They are silent in the daytime hours and active at night when we are sleeping. They also feed at night and the early morning hours, when we are fast asleep, which makes it even more difficult to become aware of them unless one experiences health effects following a bite or discovers discarded exoskeletons, fecal matter, or blood smears near the feeding area.

Our best defense is always to be aware and educated about bed bug facts. Regular examinations of all sleeping areas and laundering of our bed linens and blankets are a must. Any luggage brought back from recent travel should be stored away from the living area. Be on the look out for small red, itchy welts on your skin or your family members. And lastly, always contact a professional Phoenix bed bug pest control specialist if you suspect that you may have a problem. They are the experts who will be able to provide you with all the bed bug information and treatment options you will need!

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