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5 Little Known Facts About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are a pest that has been around for centuries but recently the resurgence of this pest has made it possible to know more about them than ever before. That being said, there are still a few facts that many people do not know about bed bugs and how they spread and infest homes. Here are five little-known facts about bed bugs that it may benefit you to learn.

Bed Bugs Can Live Anywhere

Many people think that bed bugs, given their name, can only live in beds and bedding like material. This is not true at all. These nasty little guys can live anywhere. They can live in sterile hospital rooms, schools, busses, theaters, homes, apartments, offices, and just about anywhere that there is a host to feed off of and some place to hide.Bed Bugs Are Hard To KillMuch like cockroaches, bed bugs are very hearty. Though they may seem small and fragile, unlike a tick they can go for months without eating blood and can still be healthy and alive. They can stay on furniture, beds, bedding, clothes, curtains, and more for months without a human host and still be ready to attack when you return home. They can also withstand temperatures of up to 122 degrees and can also live at temperatures near freezing. They are not limited to 70 degrees like some bugs but can live in just about any climate.

Bed Bug Saliva has Anesthetic Properties

Ever wonder how someone can get bitten dozens of times while they sleep and still not wake up. Well the saliva of a bed bug contains anesthetic properties which means that as it bites, it numbs the bite site so it can get the most blood without the host knowing what is going on. Unlike a bee for instance that has irritants in its sting, these bugs can have a full meal on you and you would never even know what happened.

Bed Bugs Are Predictable

These bugs have a feeding pattern that can almost be timed. This makes fighting them a little bit easier. They usually feed for five to ten minutes at a time and often feed on a time table pattern. They eat in what some refer to as a breakfast lunch and dinner pattern and you can often find them at the same time every day if you are looking for them.

Bed Bugs Have Fantastic Survival Skills

There is a reason that bed bugs have been around for hundreds of years without dying out. They have the survival skills of a much smarter animal. They tend to hide wherever they need to evade extermination. They can hide behind switch plates, in chairs, in walls, in beds and in so many other places. The reason this is so innovative, they have the ability to stay completely hidden during the day so that you may not even know you have an infestation until it is too late to fight them without professional help.

Bed bugs are more than just a nasty pest that can be forgotten. If you feel that you have an infestation of bed bugs in your home it is essential that you seek professional help immediately. With heat treatment, a treatment that basically kills them using nothing but heat, you can safely and effectively remove bed bugs without the use of harsh chemicals that hang around after the bugs are long gone. Calling a professional company can mean the difference between getting rid of bed bugs once and for all and having to deal with them time and again.

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