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A Guide On The Little Things That Can Prevent Bed Bugs

It’s nearly impossible to completely protect yourself from bed bugs, because the pesky pests don’t discriminate against their victims based on age, gender, or income. Nevertheless, here are some simple tips and tricks to prevent bed bugs:

  • Invest in a mattress pad. This seems simple enough, and it will be worth the investment to know that you have covered and protected the mattress where they usually like to hide. Be sure to select a product that has been tested specifically for bed bug protection and is strong enough to withstand tears and punctures which would allow for easy penetration by the pests.
  • Periodically inspect your home’s mattresses, box springs, furniture crevices and even baseboards and carpets. A little home inspection every now and then will ease your mind and allow you to catch an invasion at its early stages.
  • Pay special attention when you travel. Inspect hotel beds and bedding before you crawl in at night. Another travel tip is to keep your suitcase on the bathroom counter, which is one of the least likely spots for bed bugs. To be safe, once you return home, do not carry your suitcases into your bedroom or rest them on furniture before further inspection.
  • Clean up the clutter! The more clutter you have around your home, the more places you give the bed bugs to hide and multiply.
  • Wash and heat dry your bed linens, bed spreads, pillows and any clothing that touches the floors very often. Don’t forget to clean the laundry hampers, too, since bed bugs love to hide in there as well. For peace of mind, clean them while you are doing laundry.
  • Bed bugs are “hitch hikers,” which means there are many different ways people and their homes can be infested. If you do find you have been infested and choose to throw out your contaminated furniture, please make sure to destroy it instead of passing on to an unsuspecting relative, neighbor, or passerby who may pick it up.
  • Always vacuum thoroughly, which can reduce the bed bug population. Go in the hard to reach areas like under the beds and around bed legs and frames. Get into all cracks and crevices, as well as all rugs and floors. Once done, always remember to empty or change the vacuum bag and throw it out at once!
  • Avoid placing bed skirts or dust ruffles on your bed, as that will just give the bed bugs a highway to travel upon from the floors to your bed. If you must use them, check and launder them often, and try not to allow them to touch the floor.
  • Try to allow a 2 inch space from headboard to mattress, if you use a headboard with your bed. This also takes away the ease of traveling from headboard to bed for the bed bugs.
  • Taking off your shoes when you enter the house has never been a better idea!  Bed bugs can travel on people’s shoes and lay eggs there too, which means they can be tracked all over the house.
  • Whenever you buy used furniture or used bedding, not only inspect the items thoroughly, but also thoroughly wash and clean them before you use them in your home.
  • Learn how to recognize bed bugs so that you can properly identify them and do not mistake them for fleas or some other pesky bug. Also, make sure to further investigate any suspicious bites and itchy areas that may start appearing on your body, as these could be proof of a bed bug presence.

In the end, turn to the bed bug extermination professionals, if needed. Do not try pesticides that can cause harm and are not as effective without consulting an expert. A bed bug exterminator is your best source of advice and treatment, if you feel like you have been invaded by these bugs. Trained technicians can handle your bed bug problem with speed and success, and you can feel secure in the fact that the problem was corrected safely and correctly.

When you detect bed bugs don’t panic!  Although the thought of a bed bug invasion can make your skin crawl, they can be eliminated safely and easily with the right help, which comes in the form of your local bed bug extermination professional.

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