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An Engorged Bed Bug and Bed Bug Bites

engorged bed bugs in pillowsThese tick-like creatures are best known for being both invasive and persistent. A single bed bug can quickly lead to an infestation, which leaps from home-to-home with ease and can seem impossible to counter. Bed bugs are actually rather remarkable pests, but there are ways that you can get rid of them without dousing your entire home in toxic chemicals.

The Anatomy of a Bed Bug

A bed bug is shaped like many other bugs. It has its clypeus (mouth), antennae, wing pads (yes, wings!), six legs and a large, rounded abdomen. Bed bugs begin their life as a very small, almost colorless, insect called a nymph. When a bed bug has eaten, it will appear to be a deep reddish brown color. Otherwise it will be a paler, almost dusty brown. Bed bugs are extremely flat, which is what allows them to hide into small crevices. And, in fact, that’s why they are so often seen around beds — they will hide underneath your mattress and in the folds of your sheets, only to come out at night to feed.

Engorged Bed Bugs: What Does It Mean?

Bed bugs feed for quite a while. A bed bug will generally consume blood for about five to ten minutes. Before beginning their meal, they will anesthetize the area — this is why you can sleep through the bites and they only begin to hurt and itch once you have awoken. But if you’re seeing engorged bed bugs, you usually have a problem.

Bed bugs feed in order to have enough food energy to mate and lay eggs.┬áBed bugs generally hide after they have eaten their fill for some time, and that’s when you’ll start seeing the small, colorless nymphs emerging to begin the cycle once again.

Treating Bed Bug Infestation through Heat

There are few bed bug treatments as effective as heat treatment — especially since many bed bugs are now resistant to pesticides. Bed bugs cannot live in temperatures in excess of 122 degrees, which is a temperature that is actually quite survivable by most — if you’ve ever been in a sauna, you’ve been in temperatures above 122 degrees. By heating your home to 122 degrees, you can safely kill off all of the bests without having to use chemicals that could potentially be dangerous or damaging. However at All Bed Bugs Be Gone, we heat your home above 122 degrees to ensure that all bed bugs are eradicated from your home.

If you have bed bugs, don’t delay. You’ll need to immediately begin treating everything in your home before the situation becomes worse. Not only could you easily spread bed bugs to your friends, family and neighbors, but the less manageable the situation becomes the more likely it is that you’ll need to get rid of many of your possessions.

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