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Are Bed Bugs Seasonal? How to Eradicate Bed Bugs

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For many Americans, the idea of bed bugs making a place for themselves in the home is a very real and scary possibility. You may find yourself wondering if, like mosquitoes and fruit flies, bed bugs are seasonal pests. With more outbreaks taking place in larger cities across the US, continued research has been done in order to discover the best ways to eradicate bed bugs and whether or not homeowners need to be prepared for a possible “bed bug season.”

Are Bed Bugs Seasonal?

After much research on bed bugs, there is little evidence to support that bed bugs infestations are in fact seasonal. These little pests can live and multiply year round and should be protected against whenever possible. While research has shown that bed bugs are not in fact seasonal pests, there has been evidence to support that bed bugs can be worse during the summer months. Most experts agree that infestations in the home seem much more common from the period between June and October.

Why Do Bed Bugs Seem More Prevalent in the Summer Months?

There are several main factors that may be contributing to a high number of bed bug outbreaks during the summer months. Summer is the perfect breeding time for bed bugs, as the weather is much hotter and humid. This warm and comfortable weather also causes bed bugs to be much more active during the summer months.

Another reason bed bugs seem to be more active and successful during summertime is the fact that more people travel in the US during this season than almost any other time of the year. As more people begin to travel for spring break and long awaited summer vacation trips, bed bugs have more opportunity to travel safely in luggage when vacationers stay in motels and travel by plane or bus.

How to Eradicate Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestations are notoriously hard to fight. This often leaves many homeowners to cycle though endless home treatment options, only to find that their bed bug problem is still hiding somewhere in the home. When the outbreak has gone beyond your own control, trusting in professional treatment methods is the best way to eradicate bed bugs from your home. For professional extermination, homeowners can choose from two main options, heat or chemical treatments.

Heat vs Chemical Treatment

After many years of being treated with chemicals, most bed bugs have built up immunities to the common chemicals used for extermination. In fact, new research shows that some bed bug strains can survive after being treated with 1,000 times the amount of chemicals that were considered lethal just 10 years ago. Additionally, some of the chemicals used to kill bed bugs can be harmful to humans and pets. Some of the more common side effects of using pesticides in the home include nerve damage, eye and skin irritation, disruption to the endocrine system and in severe cases, increased risk of cancer.

Alternatively, heat treatments used to eliminate bed bugs in the home are 100 percent safe for you and your loved ones. While bed bugs are by no means heat resistant, they can survive temperatures of up to 122ºF! Luckily, with the heat treatment option available from All Bed Bugs Begone, you can count on temperatures of up to 185ºF to blast nasty bed bugs out of existence in your home.

Safely Eliminate Bed Bugs from Your Home

With our safe and environmentally friendly heat treatment option, anyone can quickly and effectively rid their home of bed bugs for good. In most cases, a single heat treatment is all you need to send bed bugs packing. For more information on our superior bed bug treatment options and tips for keeping your home bed bug free year round, be sure to visit All Bed Bugs Begone online today!

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