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What Are My Bed Bug Extermination Options?


Historically, people afflicted by a bed bug infestation would try to repel or kill the insects through a variety of traditional methods. These methods included the use of other insects, plants, fungi, and spices. Other methods made use of smoke as a fumigant, the scattering of leaves around beds, and the use of dust and soil to ward off the blood sucking pests.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments have long been used to eradicate bed bug infestations, though several factors have made this a less favorable solution in recent years. For one, repeated chemical treatments can have adverse health effects for families and pets inhabiting a bed bug infested home. In addition, bed bugs have grown resistant to many types of pesticides, which makes many of the chemicals obsolete.

Heat Treatments

In recent years, heat treatments have become more popular to fight infestations, as they are healthier for humans and pets and kill bed bugs after the first treatment. Though bed bugs can survive in both very cold and hot temperatures, they perish after only a few minutes at temperatures exceeding 115 °F.

Combination Treatments

Today, proven methods of bed bug pest control include the use of combination heat and chemical treatments. Repeated chemical treatments alone can be harsh on humans and pets living in the infested area. On the other hand, heat treatment eradicates bed bugs after the first treatment, and a follow up chemical treatment can ensure that bed bugs will not return. Both types of treatments are best performed by a pest control expert who specializes in bed bug extermination in Phoenix.

If you want to find out more about your bed bug pest control option contact our experienced bed bug exterminators, we are located in Phoenix and Mesa AZ. for more information on treatment options.

Our technicians, who provide the very best bed bug control services in the Phoenix area, will be able to assist you in identifying the problem and outlining the best plan of attack for ridding your home of the problem safely and without fear of re-infestation.


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