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Bed Bug Heat Treatment: The Facts

stigma of bed bugs

Bed bugs come with a lot of mystery and a lot of frustration. These pesky home invaders come from other people’s homes, public transportation, old furniture, etc., but usually they arrive in your home unexpected and with great stress. Many times, people are not sure from where the bed bugs in their home originated. It’s important to be aware of bed bugs and that they can come from anywhere, but it’s more important to know that bed bugs don’t have to change your life drastically or even cause a lot of duress. Bed bugs can be eliminated with the right treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Phoenix

So what is the right treatment for bed bugs? There are a lot of bed bug eradication options out there, but the treatment that almost always guarantees 100% eradication is heat treatment. So what exactly is heat treatment?

Heat is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive in temperatures over 113º, especially if they are exposed to that heat for at least 90 minutes or more. Mortality is generally 100% guaranteed if temperatures go above 122º, and bed bugs are left exposed to the heat for at least 20 minutes. Generally, with bed bug heat treatment in Phoenix, rooms are heated with large fans or machines with a water treatment system up to at least 150º for a few hours – so it is very rare that any bed bug survives.

For infested portable items, such as clothing or luggage, hot dryers are very effective. Many times, people bring home bed bugs from a hotel or method of public transportation. Hotel rooms are very common places for bed bugs to exist. If you find a bed bug or two in your clothing, accessories or luggage after traveling, place those items in a sealed plastic or canvas bag and put them straight into a hot dryer on high heat.

If you find bed bugs near any furniture, speak to your bed bug professional about heat treatment options. If heating the room in which the furniture is placed doesn’t work, they can provide other options for cleaning furniture.

The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat is a great solution for many reasons. Heat can eradicate and kill bed bugs at any life stage, from egg to nymph to full adult. Unlike over-the-counter chemical treatments, heat is non-toxic, non-odorous and safe for both pets and humans. In addition, recent research has shown that bed bugs can survive most chemical treatments that are out there, after years of building immunity to many types of compounds. Today, research shows that many bed bugs can survive 1,000 times the amount of lethal pesticide dosages that were used a decade ago. However, no bed bug can survive high heat.

Heat is also a single-treatment solution, something that can be done in one day instead of through a series of steps. When bed bugs come into your home, you want to rid of them and get back to your normal, comfortable, pest-free routine as soon as possible.

Heat can also permeate hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your home – the places in which bed bugs love to hide.

The Difference Between Professional Heat Treatment and Portable Heating Devices

There is a portable heating device on the market that people can purchase to try and rid of bed bugs in their home. However, it is not much different than a dryer. A portable heat treatment device heats up specific items, instead of unmovable places, such as walls, underneath carpet and within flooring. It is very expensive and for a similar price, professionals can be hired who know exactly how to rid your home of bed bugs.

Bed bug heat treatment professionals know exactly what to do to eradicate bed bugs. They are familiar with the machines used to do so, how to prepare your home for heat treatment and how to heat the room to the exact right temperatures for the exact right amount of time. You want to hire an experienced bed bug heat treatment technician to ensure the treatment works immediately.

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