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Bed Bug Lookalikes: Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs

bed bug lookalikes
People often panic and become anxious at the mere mention of bed bugs. These insects are known to be extremely difficult to get rid of and can lead to sleepless nights. Bed bugs aren’t really harmful and don’t cause problems like diseases and severe allergies. While their bites can be itchy and irritating, they rarely cause any allergic reactions. Unfortunately, these bugs do have a severe impact of a person’s mental health and can cause PTSD.

Most don’t consider that bugs that look like bed bugs might not be bed bugs at all. Fear of these insects causes people to react instinctively and panic without confirming whether they really have a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Lookalikes – How to Identify?

1. Cockroach Nymphs

Cockroach nymphs dine on regular human food particles so it’s rare to find them in the bedroom or near your bed. You’re more likely to find them in and around your kitchen and living rooms. They’re usually found in small cracks and dark corners and grow quickly after they hatch. Cockroaches have oval and elongated bodies so they’re easy to identify because bed bugs smaller and rounder bodies.

2. Spider Beetles

Spider beetles are also often mistaken for bed bugs because they have rounded and bulky bodies. They look like particularly well-fed bed bugs upon first glance because they’re also reddish-brown in color. These bugs are generally harmless and don’t bite people or feed on human blood like bed bugs do.

3. Booklice

Booklice are usually mistaken for bed bug nymphs because they have smaller, brownish, and translucent bodies. These insects feed on fungi, mold, and pollen lingering in wallpapers, books, and other such paper-material. They’re also relatively harmless and don’t bite humans.

4. Bat Bugs

Bat bugs and bed bugs are very similar in appearance, which is why they’re often mistaken for one another. You can only tell the difference between the two insects if you observe them under a microscope. Thankfully, bat bugs only consume bat blood and usually aren’t found in areas of human inhabitation. You won’t find them in your bed or even in your home unless you have bats hiding in your property.

5. Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small, brown, and have signature beetle wings. That makes them easily identifiable if you look closely enough. Carpet beetles won’t harm you because they don’t bite humans. However, they have small hairs on their body that can cause welts and irritations on your arms and legs.

6. Earwigs

Earwigs aren’t very similar to bed bugs, especially if you look at them from a short distance. Forceps or pincers are used to grab their prey. They feed on small insects and animals and don’t consume human blood. They can bite humans if they’re forced to defend themselves or are startled, but usually the bite is harmless and only causes a small amount of irritation or itching.

7. Fleas

Fleas are often found on animals but they consume the same food as bed bugs so they can latch onto humans as well. Bed bugs are slightly larger and tend to crawl while fleas are smaller and can easily jump from one place to another. Flea bites can also be irritating and cause small bumps on your flesh.

If you know what the bed bugs or other insects look like, you’re better equipped to deal with their infestation. You’ll know what kind of materials and exterminations techniques you need to use to get the best results.

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