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Bed Bugs in Arizona: What You Should Know


Did you know Arizona is one of the only states in the nation that has passed actual laws regarding bed bugs and their treatment and eradication? These laws regard landlords and tenants, who must follow the guidelines to ensure that their properties are inspected and free of bed bugs. Even when the bed bugs haven’t been eradicated, landlords and tenants are required to follow certain inspection and communication guidelines (as set into place through SB 1306) before calling in a professional to get rid of the issue.

The history of bed bugs in Arizona is similar to the history of bed bugs in every state. Arizona is just one of the first states to take serious action with the issue. Arizona is a melting pot of people who have moved from all over. Because it’s historically been a fast-growing state, bed bugs have arrived over the years as quickly as new residents did. Arizona does not generally have an out-of-control bed bug problem, but the issue was extensive enough that specific legislation was created to put responsibility on specific parties – in this case, landlords, tenants and hotel staff. By placing responsibility on specific parties, the State ensured that measurements are taken to eradicate the problem before it spreads.

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These guidelines require that all landlords provide educational materials to both current and new tenants. Landlords are also not allowed to rent homes or apartments with active bed bug infestations. Landlords cannot enter in a lease agreement with a new tenant if a home or apartment has bed bugs.

There is a specific set of steps followed in Maricopa County, which includes the Phoenix area. The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) will respond to tenants who report bed bug issues. After a complaint has been filed, the MCESD will contact the property owner via certified mail requesting pest control documentation. The department does allow ten days for the property owner or management to respond. After receiving records, the documentation is reviewed and a compliance inspection may be ordered. If no pest control documentation is received, the department will contact the property owner in other ways.

Pest control records must indicate that the property owner is aware of the problem and is actively seeking treatment and eradication, which must be in accordance with the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code. If the records indicate that the property owner has not been in compliance with Arizona laws and has not taken measures to reduce a bed bug infestation, the department may pursue legal action to move forward and eradicate the problem.

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Arizona bed bug professionals do not recommend that homeowners and tenants try to eradicate the Arizona bed bug infestation using at-home or over-the-counter remedies. Bed bugs have built a resistance to many types of pesticides and chemicals and most of the time, at-home and over-the-counter treatments prove unsuccessful. In addition, pesticides and chemicals have proven to be very dangerous or harmful when they are used in the home, especially in close quarters. Heat treatment performed by a professional is one the only eradication methods that is proven to be almost always 100% effective. It’s also safe and does not take a very long time.

Heat treatment uses water, not chemicals, so it is a safe bed bug eradication treatment for your home and your family.

Heat treatment is also a smart option for professional settings that are experiencing a bed bug infestation. Bed bug infestations do not just occur in residential settings. Since they like to travel and that is how they spread so quickly, bed bugs are found in all types of areas, from public transportation to offices and medical facilities.

Bed bug treatment in Arizona is ahead of many states. The state has many regulations in place that have brought down the amount of infestations our state experiences per year. If you are experiencing bed bugs, be sure to contact your local bed bug heat treatment specialists and get rid of the problem once and for all.

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