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Bed Bugs & Commercial Spaces

bed bug wordleIt’s easy to think that bed bugs just exist in homes and apartment complexes. We tend to think that bed bugs only infest residential places or hotels, perhaps traveling along via luggage and public transportation. In fact, because bed bugs travel so well, they can easily infest any type of space. Bed bugs don’t necessarily just reside in people’s beds!

As bed bugs became more and more prominent, they began infesting commercial spaces as well as residential ones. People who did not realize they had beg bugs at home went to work and brought them along. This can happen very easily, which is why prevention, detection and control are important in all aspects of life, not just at home.

Bed Bugs & Commercial Spaces

Bed bugs generally infest places where people sleep, as they feed most often on human flesh when people are sleeping. However, the increase in bed bugs found in commercial spaces has raised an alarm. People need to be aware that bed bugs can infest anywhere – so know what you’re looking for and know who to call when you find them. In an office setting, the signs of bed bugs are similar to a residential setting:

  • Blood or tiny feces in dark, cool areas, such as the back of drawers or behind baseboards
  • Skin casings
  • Smashed bugs where they may have been stepped on
  • Live bugs

When you see a bed bug in an office setting, it is good to notify authorities. However, be sure that what you see is an actual bed bug. This way, the company doesn’t spend money on the wrong type of eradication.

Companies should have certain policies in place when dealing with bed bugs. Companies need to ensure the comfort and cleanliness of their employees while dealing with the issue. Certain policies in place could look similar to this:

  • Don’t allow gossip about the presence of bed bugs and cause panic or widespread anxiety
  • If the source of the bed bugs is identified, it should be dealt with privately in Human Resources. There could be legal implications at stake.
  • Deal with the issue by consulting a bed bug eradication professional, and inform all employees of what is going to be done to eradicate the infestation
  • Share with all employees bed bug information and education, especially that bed bugs have never been proven to carry disease
  • Have a bed bug prevention procedure in place
  • A company bed bug prevention procedure is similar to that of a landlord prevention procedure. The information in this should include:
  • How to get rid of bed bugs on the body (shake off, place any bugs into a sealed bag).
  • How to clean clothes once you go home (place clothing in a sealed bag and dispose or put into dryer).
  • How to tell the signs of bed bugs
  • How to check various parts of your office or desk for signs of bed bugs

Business owners who choose heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs from their space should also educate employees about this procedure. It keeps everyone informed but it can also create peace of mind. Heat treatment is almost 100% effective every time and will not damage the workspace. It is both safer and more effective than harsh pesticides, and it will help kill almost every bug to the point that people do not have to worry about bringing them home. If you have found bed bugs in your workplace, notify authorities and call a bed bug heat treatment Phoenix professional as soon as possible.

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