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Bed Bugs and Vampires … Distant Relatives?

bed bug vampires

we see the resemblance

This Halloween, nothing could be scarier than discovering bed bugs in your home. Incidents of bed bugs are on the rise, and these blood-sucking pests are capable of creating a worse nightmare than any vampire could. Put away the garlic and read on to learn more about these uninvited guests, and what you can do to drive a nail in their coffin.

Out for Blood

Waking up with red, painful bites is often the first sign of a bed bug infestation. Like vampires, bed bugs feed on blood—typically every three to five days, through they’re capable of surviving for months without feeding. For victims of bed bugs, vacationing from home for almost any length of time will not be enough to effective clear these unwanted guest. Effective bed bug eradication almost always requires a team of pest management professionals, and the earlier they are called, the easier their job will be.

Creatures of the Night

Much like their “count” counterparts, bed bugs prefer to hide and move in the safety of darkness. Bed bugs are commonly found in dark nooks and crannies, be they in mattresses, furniture, or walls. During the night, they will leave these places to feed, then return. When searching for evidence of bed bugs, look closely along mattress and furniture seams for black or rust colored spots, or shed bed bugs skins, which are smaller than an appleseed. Use a flashlight to investigate cracks in walls and furniture joints (especially those made from wood) for these signs, as well.

Can’t Take the Heat

Just as vampires combust in the hot sun, so, too, do bed bugs when exposed to heat. For bed bugs in all stages of life, temperatures above 122 degrees are fatal. For this reason, heat treatments are often more effective than chemical treatments in eradicating bed bug infestations completely. Over time, bed bugs have become increasingly resistant to a number of commonly used chemical pesticides. They have not, however, developed a resistance to high temperatures.

vampire bed bugs

At least Dracula sleeps in his own coffin.

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