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Can You Fight Bed Bugs Naturally?

fight bed bugs naturally

Bed bugs are certainly something that everyone dreads and are also surrounded with a great deal of mystery. For many, it seems as if the only way to fight the infestation is to call an exterminator and use harsh chemicals that may be dangerous to your family and your pets. There are some natural solutions however that can greatly reduce the severity of the infestation or that can completely remove them without any pesticides at all. This blog post will share tips on how to fight bed bugs naturally.

Tips to Fight Bed Bugs Naturally

Cleaning and Containing the Infestation

The first step for those that want to go natural with removal is to thoroughly clean every surface in your home and pinpoint and contain the infestation. If you find a bed bug in one room, you should immediately quarantine that room and keep the infestation limited to that space. Conduct a full home clean to make sure they have not traveled outside of the affected area and to make sure that there are no places they can hide. This also helps you to make sure you are removing any live bugs that you find and that you are able to limit the extent of the infestation as a whole. Moving furniture away from walls and removing any low hanging fabrics can help deprive the bugs of access to their hosts and can begin to kill them.

Fresh and Dried Herbs

There have been studies that have found that bed bugs are allergic to certain herbs and therefore will avoid them if they are present in the home. Generally, any herb that is very pungent will help to force bed bugs out. Things like peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, thyme, tea tree, and eucalyptus are all major deterrents that will help force the bed bugs out. Though there is no definitive proof that only herbs will remove bed bugs, they will help to deter them from certain areas. Adding the essential oils of these herbs to your laundry may help as will adding dried herbs to your sheets and your infested rooms.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are going to be a bit stronger than the dried herbs and may be the best option for those that want to help rid themselves of a bed bug infestation. These oils can be rubbed on furniture, added to laundry, and applied to individuals as well to help ward off bed bugs and they are a bit easier to use than dried herbs. Essential oils can be added to pressure points on your body where bed bugs commonly like to feed and can help reduce the number of bites.

Professional Heat Removal

Though all the methods that we have discussed thus far can help to contain and reduce the size of the infestation, the only sure fire way to get rid of bed bugs entirely without pesticides is to contact a professional company like All Bed Bugs Begone to have a heat treatment done.

What Does Heat Removal Do?

In professional heat removal, heat is used to kill both live bugs and larvae and eggs at any stage and no chemicals are used at all. In most cases, the heat that is used does not even require that the family leave the home. This is a very safe and effective means of ridding your home of bed bugs and can help you to control and get rid of any infestation.

Bed bugs are not the end of it all. With the right natural remedies you can get rid of your infestation and can avoid using harsh chemicals and other pesticides that may be dangerous for your family.

Contact our team at All Bed Bugs Begone for professional heat treatment plans today. Our treatment requires between six and ten hours to complete. During that time, your home is heated anywhere from 150 to 185 degrees. Given that bed bugs can’t survive temperatures about 122 degrees, our treatment is almost always 100% effective.

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