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bed bugs heat treatmentBed bugs are becoming an increasingly problematic pest, commonly found in apartments, dorms, businesses, hotels, churches and more. Thanks to the routine use of chemical pesticides over the years as a treatment for bed bugs, the pests have developed resistance, meaning a new and improved treatment method is required. Heat treatment is an effective form of extermination. Not only does heat treatment bypass bed bug’s pesticide and chemical resistance, it also conveys a huge number of benefits from exterminating the pests in just one treatment, to being safe for those with chemical sensitivities.

Heat Treatment in Phoenix

Bed bugs are tiny insects that choose to make their home close to their source of food, and come out at night to eat. They are usually red-brown in color and live solely on a diet of human or animal blood. These pests are usually found in the seams of mattresses (hence their name), though they can also reside in other furniture, window and door frames, behind loose wallpaper, and in any crack or crevice. Bed bugs don’t distinguish between a dirty or a clean home, and unfortunately, anyone is susceptible to infestation.

By employing heat treatment as a means of exterminating bed bugs, a non-chemical and non-toxic approach is used. This makes the environment treated safer for both people and pets while avoiding unpleasant side effects, and the induction of any allergies to pesticides. Heat treatment is also typically far less disruptive than chemical pesticide spraying. Thanks to its high level of effectiveness, one heat treatment is usually enough to end a pest problem, meaning homes can be inhabited and businesses can be up and running sooner, with minimal upheaval and embarrassment. Whereas chemical treatments can cause damage to furniture and other household wares, the heat used is safe and can be far more cost effective than a chemical treatment, and replacing the items often damaged by one. These are a few reasons why you should seek the best bed bug heat treatment Phoenix has to offer.

Heat treatments work by applying heat evenly throughout an affected structure, and raising the temperature so high that bed bugs are killed, as well as their eggs and any stage of larvae – a feat not always achieved through conventional chemical use. The high temperature denatures a protein within the bug’s body, resulting in a disruption to the waxy layer on their surface and eventual dehydration and death. By exterminating pests in all stages of the life cycle, the chances of reinfection and the need for multiple treatments are removed. As the heat used penetrates into every structure and through every crack and crevice in the infected space, bed bugs can be targeted wherever they may be hiding. Complete and total eradication of an entire bed bug population can be achieved.

Traditionally, chemical pesticides were the treatment of choice for bed bugs, though today this process is not only outdated, but also ineffective. Recent studies have shown that the majority of bed bug infestations require three or more pesticide treatments in order to be successfully removed, with just 6% of chemical treatment cases resulting in bed bugs being terminated after just one. In addition to the need for multiple treatments, the continued use of pesticides have lead to the development of resistances in the bed bug population. As more bed bugs grow resistant, more chemicals at higher doses are often used – a dangerous practice that can result in harm to the environment and the inhabitants of the affected space, as well as the bed bugs. Heat treatment removes the need for the use of these harsh pesticides, while avoiding further contributing to the build up of pesticide resistance and the harm these chemicals can cause to the environment. The use of thermal extermination also allows those with chemical allergies, pesticide sensitivities and those who are concerned about chemical over-exposure, a valid, safe and highly effective option for eliminating bed bugs, that was previously unavailable.

Heat treatment as a means to exterminate bed bugs, is a safe, non-chemical and non-toxic improvement to the original concept of using chemical pesticides. As chemical treatments become ever more outdated, thanks to increasing bug resistance, the number of treatments required and high probability of home disruption and damage, heat treatments are clearly the better choice. Their pesticide free approach offers a safe alternative to those with chemical sensitivities or a desire to protect themselves and their families from exposure to pesticides while achieving better results. With technology that can permeate even the tiniest cracks and crevices in any home, business or piece of furniture, heat treatment is not only more effective, but also more convenient, as it removes the need for arduous and expensive repeat treatments and wasted furniture. Heat treatment is the next generation of pest control, and the most efficient and for the bed bug extermination Phoenix has to offer.

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