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Consequences Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Consequences of a Bed Bug Infestation


A bed bug infestation is one of the worst things you as a property owner want to hear has happened to your property. Bed bugs in your home, your private space, your sanctuary, are a direct violation of your personal space, something no one ever wants to experience. Even more so, if you become a bed bug bite victim whose body and safe space is being invaded by these little blood suckers on a nightly basis.

Quarantine of Infected Areas is Required: What usually happens during an infestation is that someone’s home (and especially their bedroom), which they normally view as “safe” and feel comfortable in, is being infested with unknown parasites. The victim now feels like home doesn’t feel so safe anymore, and comfort, due to bites, is at an all time low. The inflammation caused by bed bug bites is due to an allergic reaction and causes intense itching that often last several weeks. Some reactions are so severe that the victim develops rashes or boils. Upon waking and realizing what’s going on, the victim’s routine is ruined. Often, victims of a bed bug infestation are recommended not to go to work out of fear that they could be spreading the bed bugs in their clothing or on their belongings.

Psychological Effects: Though there are a lot of preventative steps that can be taken to stop a bed bug infestation from spreading, victims of an infestation are not supposed to go to large gatherings at all, and all their belongings should be treated with care if they were to be touched or inspected. Psychologically, the victims also worry about the “dirty” feeling they get about their home after finding bed bug feces, carcasses, and blood on or under their sheets and furniture. It becomes easy to lose sleep because they know they might get bitten that night and the worry keeps them up. Understandably, paranoia and the negative thoughts from being a social outcast for some time are real consequences of an infestation.

Fear of Loss of Reputation Retards Extermination Efforts: Not only can independent households get infested with bed bugs through a number of channels (travel, antique furniture, visitors), but also highly trafficked or highly populated spots, like apartment buildings with many tenants, or hotels that have a continuous flow of travelers from around the world going in and out. Another consequence of bed bug infestations, and a large hurdle in properly treating and containing the problem from the start, is that many property owners of apartment complexes or hotels are afraid to let word get out that they have a bed bug problem out of fear of having a hard time getting future tenants or losing travelers that may be afraid of staying at their hotel. As a result, the bed bug infestation only grows and continues to spread.

Prevention Needs to be Ongoing: Even after eradication with the use of an expert bed bug exterminator, it can be difficult to regain a positive reputation as an establishment. Some buildings may have to evict people, and establishments may have to shut down if the problem is too much to manage. In addition, complete eradication can never be guaranteed in instances where new travelers are coming in and out of hotels and public transportation on a daily basis, and people could come into contact with bed bug infected areas at any time.

As a result, property owners, especially commercial owners, should know that bed bug inspections need to be thorough and frequent. For a household or smaller apartment complex, residents should be educated about the signs and effects of a bed bug infestation so they can alert a bed bug pest control expert. People should know how to prevent bed bugs, and work with a professional exterminator to rid themselves of the problem in order to avoid all of the consequences of a bed bug infestation.




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