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Dealing With The Aftermath: The Impact of Bed Bugs in Your Home

The Impact of Bed Bugs on Your Home

A great many of us know the type of physical and emotional effects that bed bugs can have on people. Bed bug infestations can create big turmoil in our lives, not to mention the damage an infestation can do to the home and furnishings. Because a pest control problem can have such lasting effects on victims, we will outline how one can better prepare themselves to combat an infestation should one take place, in addition to ways that we may be able to increase bed bug prevention techniques.

Bed Bug Treatments

If you or your family are ever in the position of having your home infested with invasive pests, such as bed bugs, unfortunately you have your work cut out for you. There are several types of bed bug extermination procedures available, and unless you go with the right pest control company that does it right the first time, with a combination heat and chemical treatment, getting rid of bed bugs can be a physical and emotionally draining process, as we outlined in these previous posts regarding the effects of bed bugs on your social life and common mental effects of an infestation. For example, in preparing for the extermination, a lot of work will need to be finished including washing all affected clothing and bedding, and discarding clothing, mattresses and furniture that can’t be saved or cleaned effectively.

During the bed bug heat treatment heating process, the triple digit temperatures can range from 120-140 degrees, which is not hot enough to damage the things in your home, but is a temperature lethal to the infesting bed bug population. Following treatment, it is recommended that you stay out of your home for about 12 hours. It is important to use a true professional bed bug extermination company, such as All Bed Bugs Begone to perform the heat treatment properly, in order to prevent damage to your home and belongings. Be sure to research your exterminator thoroughly and find a reputable and experienced company to remedy your situation.

Preparing For Your Bed Bug Extermination

As mentioned above, to prepare for your home’s extermination, depending on the type of treatment and severity of the spread of the infestation, you will be asked to remove quite a few things from the home. All bedding, linens and clothing will need to be washed in high heat and then placed in bins or storage bags. All closets will need to be cleaned out and all items moved away from walls. You should always vacuum and steam clean, if possible, and empty any furniture of cushions or blankets as well since they may hide there.

When chemical treatments are implemented for the extermination, it is recommended to prepare to leave the home during and following the treatment for at least 2-3 hours. You will also often be asked to unplug all electronics in all infected rooms. The list for preparation of the heat method treatment is much more work intensive since there are many more household items that need to be removed from the home prior to treatment. Despite this being a laundry list of items that need to be completed in the middle of suffering from a bed bug infestation, it is also the only surefire way to fight the infestation off correctly during the first try and ensure that a re infestation does not accidentally take place.

Reluctance To Treat Can Increase The Damage

If the bed bug infestation is not treated and combated professionally with heat and chemical treatment as soon as it is detected, you risk spreading it across your home’s rooms and belongings, in addition to spreading the bed bugs to your workplace and your friends that you come in contact with. The longer you wait to take action, the more costly it can become to replace mattresses, linens, clothing, and furniture that has suffered from the long term effects of an infestation.

Be Proactive To Avoid Future Infestations

Once you have battled bed bugs, you come out of the experience a little wiser and more educated about the possibility of a re-infestation. Since nobody wants to experience bed bugs once, let alone deal with the experience twice, it is important to know that the extermination process was successful and that the bed bugs are really gone. If you have been a victim of a previous infestation, it is important to be proactive about inspecting your home and belongings and calling for an inspection as soon as you become suspicious. In addition, you can become more aware of the behavior that may have been responsible for the first bed bug issue, such as brining home an antique living room sofa, or frequenting high traffic public areas, such as movie theaters, subways, buses, and hotels.

Frequent home cleanings and your own inspections of high risk areas, such as mattresses and headboards, will help with early detection, and most importantly, having routine inspections by a professional pest control expert will ensure that you can continue to sleep tight without letting the bed bugs bite. This will work wonders by giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you have a knowledgable professional on your side to combat the impact of bed bugs should they ever appear.

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