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How To Discover & Deal With Bed Bugs While Traveling

How To Deal With And Discover Bed Bugs While Traveling

1. One of the reasons bed bugs continue to be such a nuisance is because they are found in hotels all across the world and easily hitchhike from state to state via travelers’ clothes and luggage. While traveling, there are things you can do to keep an eye out and prevent your own bed bug problems. First, research the hotel you want to stay in. Second, carry as little as possible with you. Third, look for the signs of bed bugs once you arrive at the hotel. A list of places and signs will be good for this. Educate your eye. Further details are below.

2. Before booking a hotel or staying at a friend’s home, research the surroundings for recent bed bug infestation and call them to ask about any pest control tactics they have implemented, if they have any at all – ask specifically about bed bugs. There are bed bugs in public places so if you research ahead, you’ll be prepared instead of surprised.

3. When you look for bed bugs as a traveler, keep your belongings either still in your car or in the bathroom for the time being. If neither are an option, put your belongings on a table (as long as they are off the floor and off the bed). If you’re especially suspicious you can purchase a bed bug suit or disposable booties and enter with them on you before you put any of your belongings inside the room. Look for feces, bed bug eggs, and molted shells around headboards of your bed, cluttered spots of the room, on the mattress itself, etc.

4. If you find that there are bed bugs when you stay somewhere, be it hotel, hostel or friend’s house, there are things you can purchase and do to prevent them from either biting you or just annoying you – and to give you peace of mind. These things include:  wearing bed bug suits, bringing mattress, pillow and suitcase protecting kits, changing your clothes after the discovery and throwing away those clothes or putting them in a sealable bag. Do look for a dryer to heat treat your clothes, which will kill all bed bugs and their eggs you think you could have come in contact with.

5. Educate your host: Tell your host or hotel that there are bed bugs immediately, and if they aren’t familiar with the signs, show them. Education will prevent people from aiding in the spread of bed bugs later.

6. Additional tips:

  • Your car might also be transporting bed bugs around, so keep it clean and vacuum it weekly. Inspect its crevices often for bed bug signs.
  • Do not borrow or use anyone else’s vacuum cleaners, and especially not mattresses. If your friend has had bed bugs in the past, it is best not to borrow anything that hasn’t been treated or inspected.
  • Use resealable bed bug-proof bags to transport your clothes and other belongings from place to place, including in storage units. You’ll be more organized and cleaner on top of protecting yourself from acquiring bed bugs.

At the end of the day, it is highly recommended to consult a pest control management service near you to get rid of bed bugs or to do a thorough inspection if you are in doubt.

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