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Do Bed Bug Bombs Work?

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After getting bed bugs, most people are willing to try almost anything to get rid of them. Among a plethora of over-the-counter extermination products, bed bug “bombs” or “foggers” can appear particularly attractive, given their relatively inexpensive price of about ten dollars. On the surface it appears to be an affordable solution.

But do bed bug foggers and bombs work?

A new study from The Ohio State University has found that when it comes to killing bed bugs, these treatments bomb out.

Foggers, which are are typically sold in an aerosol cans, are used to fill rooms with a type of insecticide called pyrethrins. Before the research, many reviewers of these products had shared the sentiment that these methods only stirred up the pests, causing them to scatter and driving them throughout the home. New research has confirmed the rumors of these products’ ineffectiveness.

Three commercially available bed bug bombs were tested in the study—including those from the Eliminator, Hot Shot and Spectracide brands—none of which were found to be effective. According to entomologists, these treatments are “virtually useless” for two important reasons:

First, many bed bugs can’t be reached by the mist, as they are hiding in cracks deep within furniture and walls.

Second, bugs that are reached by the pesticide are largely unaffected, as they’ve developed a resistance to the chemicals.

Susan C. Jones, Ph.D., a head researcher, expressed, “These products shouldn’t even be labeled for bed bugs.” Though, of the foggers tested, only the Hot Shot Fogger specifically mentions bed bugs in the label; the others skirted the issue by referring only to“crawling” or “biting” insects. Nevertheless, Jones says, “Based on our findings, bug bombs should not be used for crawling insects.”

So, bed bug foggers are a waste of money. Is there anything else you can do to take care of the problem on your own?

Unfortunately, killing bed bugs will likely always require a stronger, more strategic approach than is commercially available. Pest management professionals are well-versed in inspection, products and techniques concerning bed bugs. Both their knowledge and tools will work to tip the scales in your favor. The sooner bed bugs are treated, the easier they will be to exterminate completely, so if you notice signs of bed bugs, contact a professional immediately. All Bed Bugs Begone has rates starting at just $500 and offers a free consultation.

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