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Do You Have Bed Bugs and Not Know It


Bed bugs are a truly disgusting reality of many homes and you may not even know it. This type of pest can go unseen for months before you realize what it is that it causing your discomfort. Here are a few different ways that you can determine if you have a bed bug infestation and do not know it.

Do You Have Bed Bugs and Not Know It: Signs of Bed Bugs

One major sign of a bed bug infestation is feces. This will be small piles or dark stains on your sheets and soft surfaces. This is going to appear in small clusters and may be more prevalent on hard surfaces as feces on softer surfaces tends so simply create a stain. If you are finding small piles of feces or small black or dark brown stains on your sheets you may have an infestation and not know it. Another sign of bed bugs is restless sleep and small whelped up spots or bites. Some people are not allergic to bed bugs and as a result they do not show signs of bites.

If you are having restless sleep however and have no other explanation, it may be that you are being bitten by bed bugs at night keeping you awake. Bites or any type of rash or unexplained skin irritation may be a sign of bed bugs and should be looked into immediately. Still another sign you may have bed bugs is exoskeletons. This is the shed skin of bedbugs. You can see this without ever seeing a bug which may lead you to believe that the bugs are gone when they are actually just waiting.

What to Do When You Have an Infestation

All Bed Bugs Begone uses the safest and most effective treatment for bedbugs and this type of infestation. While some companies use chemicals which can ultimately be dangerous and harmful to your family, All Bed Bugs Begone uses heat treatment to remove the pests. Bed bugs are terrible but with the right treatment you can get rid of them quickly and efficiently. What is heat treatment you might ask?

Heat treatment is just that , the application of heat throughout the entire home to kill the bed bugs. Unlike cleaning and using chemicals, heat treatment penetrates all parts of the home which means that it is going to reach all the bugs not just those that you can see. With the proper heat treatment, all the bugs can be removed in one treatment rather than several treatments. This means you are going to save money and time with this more effective method.

Another advantage is that heat treatment does not use any chemicals and does not use any invasive measures to eradicate the population. Heat treatment simply uses heat to kill off the bugs which means that if you have small children or pets, you do not have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals that some companies use to get rid of bugs.


All Bed Bugs Begone has the experience, the equipment, and the dedication needed to help you eradicate your bed bug population and get back to the healthy, happy sleep that you deserve. While many homes have infestations that they do not know about, finding out you have pests is not the end of the line. With the right treatment you can get rid of the pests and get back to life as you know it free of these nasty little invaders.

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