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The Effect a Bed Bug Infestation Has on the Human Body


Discovering that your home has a bed bug infestation is more than an annoyance. It can be a difficult, life-changing experience. You are having to stop where you’re at in your life and get the process dealt with. You may have to move from your living space for awhile, or readjust your schedule. Your mental state is now on edge, since you may not be sure how the bugs arrived in the first place and you’re also unaware of other places in your home you might find bed bugs. However, you have taken the step to have them eradicated and have removed all potential causes of infestation.

At this point, it’s important to understand what effects bed bugs can have on the human body, and to take care of any issues immediately. How harmful are bed bug bites? What are bed bug symptoms on the body? While there is no life threatening aspects of a bed bug bite, there are a few uncomfortable issues or long-term potential problems to keep in mind. Take a look below at common symptoms to watch out for and when you should see a doctor.

Common symptoms of bed bug bites:

Skin reactions/infections:

Bed bug bites can be very itchy and incredibly uncomfortable. They are often mistaken for mosquito or spider bites, or even as rashes. Bed bugs feed on blood and the effect is similar to that of a mosquito bite, just generally stronger and more irritating. Bite marks happen on any area of the body, but usually in zig-zag patterns and in clusters around areas of exposed skin. Some people develop large red welts that can take a long time to fade.

Bed bug bites are not known to produce disease or have any life threatening effects on the body, but they can carry Hepatitis B or Plague. In addition, the itching of the actual bites can be worse for some victims than it is for others. It is important to stay disciplined and not scratch to the point that the skin becomes irritated and damaged. If the skin becomes especially swollen, painful to the touch or irritated further, the bite may have turned into an infection.

Infections can lead to other issues, such as impetigo or lymphangitis. Itching the bites to the point of pain can also lead to a lack of sleep and other feelings of stress. Another issue to be aware of is that some bite victims may be more allergic than usual to bed bug bites. All people develop an allergy in the form of a red bite, but people with sensitive skin or allergies to other types of bites need to take special care to make sure a bite does not get irritated or cause other problems.

If you have fallen victim to bed bugs, monitor the bite, and don’t itch it. If necessary, ask your doctor about taking anti-itch or anti-allergy medication. Any type of irritation can lead to further issues. The mental effects of bed bug symptoms can also be damaging and difficult to deal with. Dealing with bed bugs is stressful and it can lead to worry that it will happen again. It can lead to discomfort within your own home and your own bed. Many people experience panic attacks, insomnia, feelings of being bitten and nightmares. This mental discomfort is very frustrating, and can lead to increased anxiety, physical exhaustion, and heightened stress levels, but it can be a common, and understandable, reaction to the situation.

What to do:

Do not itch! Refrain from irritating any bed bug bites further. It is important to maintain your overall health on a daily basis, and understand how and where bed bugs can come from so you can adjust your habits to stop the occurrence from ever happening again. Take time to relax before bed. Do calming movements or breathing exercises. Read, drink plenty of water and make sure to talk to someone, whether a family member, friend or doctor, about your fears.

Bed bugs do not have a power over you, and it’s important to remember that. It’s also about being educated, and strong. Enlist an experienced bed bug exterminator company to ensure your house is eradicated of all bed bugs for peace of mind. And moving forward, keep yourself, furniture, and all surfaces clean and tidy. It’s also a good idea to prepare yourself for these types of situations so you’re able to come out of it relieved and confident you did all you could.

See a doctor if:

If the physical discomfort of bed bug bites is something you continue to struggle with, the bites are not going away or are getting worse, you are experiencing nausea as part of the anxiety or as a result of the actual bite, or you are experiencing mental health issues and you cannot recover from them, seek professional help. A doctor can treat your symptoms and give further instructions on how to heal any irritated or infected bites.

Understand that bed bugs can infest anyone’s house, not just yours, and that the issue can be eradicated by professionals. A bed bug infestation is not something you need to be ashamed of, because it can happen due to no fault of your own. There are many steps that can be taken to get rid of bed bugs, but it is important to leave it to the professionals. Do not try to remove them yourself, as you may just move them to a different spot or spread them around, and harsh over the counter chemical treatments can be dangerous to your and your family’s health.

Bed bugs are pests, but are not necessarily dangerous. Stay alert, stay healthy and take care of any symptoms you have immediately. This way, you are able to stay in control of the problem, and you realize that it can be dealt with and that you are strong enough to move forward. Know you have power in the beginning can help your mental and physical state afterwards.

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