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The Effects of Bed Bugs on Your Social Life: What Happens to Your Social Life After a Bed Bug Infestation?

the effects of bed bugs on your social life

If you have been unfortunate enough to be a bed bug victim in your own home, you are probably all too familiar with all the social stigmas and the effects of bed bugs on your social life and your life overall. It can be very stressful, to say the least, to overcome some of the stigmas that may follow you. It also takes a lot of effort to get back to the point where you can be comfortable about sleeping in your own home or someone else’s home again. Your peace of mind and your social life can be severely affected by bed bugs.

After an infestation of such pests, it is common to be afraid to go anywhere, since you always have a fear of spreading them to friends and family. Having bed bugs also makes you afraid to allow people to enter your home. You become both embarrassed and self conscious, worrying that people may profile or ridicule you for a problem that many don’t know is completely unrelated to cleanliness and social status.

Following bed bug pest control problems, you worry that you should tell people of your infestation to protect them, but at the same time you are concerned of the repercussions of this statement. All these concerns and worries can lead to isolation for some people. This forced isolation can actually ruin relationships and affect jobs as well.

Besides the mental effects that an infestation can have on a victim, bed bugs can also cause physical effects, such as skin problems (bite marks, allergic reactions, etc.), which become noticeable to those around us. The visible and itchy bed bug bites are another embarrassing bed bug effect that keep victims from going to socialize among their friends or go to work.

Bed bugs have a particular effect on the lives of children, who may be teased at school for having a bed bug problem. Even for adults, bed bugs cause them to worry about going to events that are hard to avoid in their lives, such as birthday parties, appointments, or grocery shopping.

A bed bug infestation can first occur in many different ways, and it is sometimes even impossible to determine how exactly a home became infested. Because bed bugs are famous “hitch hikers” who love to invade clothes, mattresses, luggage, shoes, and furniture, they can be picked up virtually anywhere from a shopping mall to a taxi cab. Bed bugs may have traveled to your home via used or vintage furniture, a suitcase from recent travels, or an unaware friend who was infested themselves.

Regardless of how your home became infested with bed bugs, you need to be cognizant of the impact bed bugs can have on your life, in order to combat the problem as soon as possible. Don’t become a victim of bed bugs. You need to take the initiative to ensure that a bed bug infestation stays out of your home in the first place, and if it is too late for that, you need to ensure that the problem is treated by a professional bed bug exterminator company, in order to keep the bed bugs gone once and for all.

Let’s take a look at some bed bug prevention tips that can help you be proactive in the mission to keep these pesky bed bugs out of your home and out of your life:

1. Be vigilant about checking seams and folds in mattresses and box springs.

Check beds at night when the bugs love to come out (they are nocturnal, so you won’t see much of them during daylight hours). Also check bed frames and headboards, as well as bedroom wall creases and corners. Look for live bugs, eggs and dark spots and smears on or between the sheets that could be dried blood from dead bugs.

2. Examine all furniture’s creases and crevices as well.

Remember to be very selective on any used furniture that you bring into your home. Even if you think it is coming from a “clean” place, make sure to pre-inspect all of the items you introduce to your home all the time! It only takes one little bed bug to kickstart all that mayhem.

3. Take notice of any skin conditions that may pop up on you or any family members.

Bed bug bites are pretty obvious once they become swollen, red, painful and itchy, so be aware of any unusual marks that start forming on arms, legs, backs, or any other body parts exposed during sleep. What most people don’t know, however, is that bed bug bites can take several days post-bite to appear, which means you may have been infested days ago, but you are just now seeing the signs of a bed bug problem. This gives you even more cause to act quickly once you notice a problem. Every day is valuable in fighting bed bugs and preventing their spread throughout your entire house.

4. Vacuum frequently and thoroughly. 

Cleaning and inspecting frequently also gives you another opportunity to check for any signs of infestation. Wash linens and bedding often and dry them in a hot dryer. Always inspect your mattress and bed frame once the sheets are stripped for evidence of bed bugs on the mattress, box spring, or headboard.

5. Inspect all luggage and clothing when you return from traveling.

It is always best to unpack luggage outside of the bedroom so you can inspect its contents, such as shoes and clothing, prior to introducing it to your living and sleeping space upon your return from your travels. You could have been exposed to bed bugs while traveling or staying in a hotel room and not even be aware, so check your suitcase in the garage and wash or discard any suspicious items.

Follow these simple bed bug prevention techniques and it could really pay off. A bed bug infestation is nothing to take lightly. Contact one of our experienced professional bed bug exterminators if you need questions answered or suspect a bed bug problem. The effects of bed bugs can be severe on your body and your social life, so remember to be proactive and aware!


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