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Bed bugs can certainly be tricky to exterminate permanently. These critters are smaller than an apple seed and can multiply quickly. Their expert survival skills have made them resilient to many pesticides, able to survive a wide range of temperatures and capable of going months without feeding. Ridding a home of their presence almost always requires a professional extermination.

Professional bed bugs exterminators can take one of two approaches: a chemical treatments, or a heat treatment. Which one works? How do you know which one’s for you?

The Truth About Chemical Treatments

Without knowing much about chemical or heat treatments, you might assume that a chemical treatment is the more powerful of the two. However, bed bugs have become surprisingly resistant to pesticides. In fact, recent research has shown that some bed bugs can survive more than 1,000 times the amount of pesticide considered lethal just 10 years ago. The chemicals used in these treatments can damage some possessions, and may be harmful to pets, people and the environment.

A Safe, Effective Treatment

When it comes to heat treatments, resistance isn’t a concern. Temperatures above 122 degrees are lethal to bed bugs in all stages of life, so hot steam can be used to kill bed bugs, rather than chemicals. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get temperatures that high on your own—don’t try, house fires have been started that way. The heat treatment provided by All Bed Bugs Begone will safely raise temperatures in your home above 150 degrees for a period between six and 10 hours.

How it Works
During a heat treatment, steam is applied throughout the premises, especially in places where bugs are present or a possibility. The heat kills adult bed bugs and eggs alike, without damaging The steaming process is able to reach many of the nooks and corners that chemical treatments miss, ensuring a more thorough, effective extermination.

Treating your home with heat generally requires little preparation, though it is wise to walk your your home (your exterminator will conduct a full inspection) and identify any deep, dark places that may be infested. It’s also a good idea to clear out the corners of your home and throw away any items you no longer want or use, as piles of clutter make ideal hiding spots for bed bugs.

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