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How to Get Rid of Common Home Pests

common home pests

You know the problem is about to hit just before it does. Actually, you just think you do. You find an ant or two, perhaps a bed bug, and you think that you can overlook it. After all, it is just one, right? Wrong. There may be hundreds or thousands of bugs lurking just out of sight. This is a nightmare that plagues millions of Americans every single year. What can you do? Plenty. With these home pest control tips, you can bid a final farewell to cockroaches, flies, ants and bed bugs.

Find the Source

Effective DIY pest control starts with locating how the pests are getting into your home. Insects that crawl usually enter through cracks in the exterior of the home, while those that fly can come right in through the front door. Chances are that your home is full of air leaks that make it very simple for them to climb right in. Start with your windows and doors. They should close tightly without gaps surrounding the frames. Then, check around the exterior of the home for gaps, and inside the backs of cupboards for holes. You can seal all of these with caulking, or weatherstripping for windows and doors.

Stop the Hospitality

Insects just love humans because they create comfortable homes for both beings. If you want to keep them from staying in your home in the first place, you must stop giving them reasons to set up housekeeping. Just like humans, pests need sources of food and water. Remove these sources, and you will make it harder for them to survive and multiply. Make sure that your pantry cupboards are sealed tight so that insects cannot crawl in through the back. Put all shelf-stable foods in airtight containers, to avoid attracting ants and cockroaches.

Clean Up

You may think that pest problems are a sign of a dirty home, but this is not necessarily correct. While pests certainly have a better time in dirty homes, clean homes can have the same problem. Even a clean home can have food particles trapped in the carpet fibers, however, making a perfect meal for ants. A mop bucket full of standing water attracts flies. Fruit left a little too long in the fruit bowl on the counter will attract fruit flies. Fruit flies breed as quickly as every day, so a fruit fly problem can turn into a complete disaster inside of a week. Resolve these minor problems swiftly, so that you avoid converting minor bug attractions into the Disneyland of the arthropod world.

Target the Infestation

As you probably already know, what works to get rid of one bug may not necessarily get rid of another. Bitter cold is one of the best ways to get rid of many types of insects, but here in Phoenix, bitter cold is not all that common. Besides, cold air only drives the pests underground or into warm places. To get rid of cockroaches and ants, DIY pest control involves creating baits for them that will be attractive but kill them quickly. These insects like fat and sugar, so mix up a combination of both, preferably a source of fat like oil or peanut butter that will not go rancid in a day or two. Add borax to the combination to kill the pests. To kill flies, leave out a pan of watered-down juice and alcohol. The juice will attract the flies, and the alcohol will kill them.

Give Heat

Bed bug control in Phoenix is another matter entirely. Bed bugs generally confine themselves to one location, the bed, and they can be practically impossible to remove. You often get them after traveling somewhere that has a higher rate of bed bug infestation. Some people throw pesticides at them, but bed bugs are unusually resistant. The one guarantee to kill bed bugs is heat. If you can work with a professional to heat up the area to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, you can kill bed bugs in a few hours.

The key to effective home pest control lies in removing access to food and water sources in the home. You must seal up cracks in the home, so insects cannot find many ways to get inside. Once you have made it less likely the pests will want to stay, you can work on showing the existing insects the door. That might include bait stations, or heat for more effective bed bug control in Phoenix. With the right approaches, you will find that getting rid of common home pests is easier than you thought.

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