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How To Keep Brown Recluses at Bay

brown recluse spider pest control in phoenixWhen it comes to pest control in Phoenix, we all have our work cut out for us. Especially in the summer, it can be very challenging to keep our homes pest free. An ant or cricket here and there can be annoying, but what really scares most of us are spiders in or around our home. Brown recluse spiders, in particular, are probably at the top of our “not wanted” list.

Brown recluse spiders are tiny, but don’t let their size fool you.

These little guys pack a deadly punch. Their venom is extremely poisonous and experts claim even more potent than that of a rattlesnake. It causes less harm only because of the small amount of venom that is injected into their victims. Brown recluses are most often recognized for the violin-like pattern located on their top side near the head. For this reason, you will hear brown recluses being called by their nick name, the Fiddleback spider. With safety in mind, always call a local pest control company in Phoenix if you have trouble identifying this spider.

These spiders generally avoid humans and are known for their reclusive nature, hence the name Brown Recluse. Despite their reclusive nature, however, brown recluses do bite humans and have been known to hide in clothing or shoes that have been left on the floor, for example. They also love dark places, such as corners and cracks. As a general rule, always be careful when blindly grabbing objects from a secluded or dark area when you have no gloves on to avoid spider bites.

Where are the brown recluse spiders found?

Brown recluse spiders are found in the south and southwest, all the way from California to Virginia. They have also been found as far north as Nebraska, Iowa, and Ohio. Like most pesky pests, brown recluses can and do spread, often traveling by hitchhiking along with people who are moving in boxes or in packaging.

Should you ever be unlucky enough to be bitten by a brown recluse spider, the symptoms will vary based on the amount of poison and the sensitivity of each individual. Initially, the bite appears to be painless and a victim may not even be aware that they have been bitten. The poison causes necrosis, or death of the tissue, which is when a victim will begin to notice redness, swelling and pain at the bite site. Other symptoms can include fever, nausea, shivering, itching, vomiting, restlessness and a state of shock. The injury itself is usually anywhere from 1-2 3/4 inches and will have the appearance of an ulcer. This ulcer can take several months to heal and leave an unattractive scar. Children can have more serious reactions to bites, of course, due to their size, so always teach your children “spider safety.”

Preventative DIY options to keep these spiders out of your home.

Now that you know some facts about these venomous spiders, let’s talk about some preventative DIY options that may keep these spiders out of your home in the first place. Always remove storage boxes that may be under your beds and keep a distance between your bed and the wall. Also always remember to shake out clothes and shoes before putting them on, and use caution when grabbing items that have been undisturbed for some time, since we now know that these are favorite, quiet hiding spots for this spider.

Most importantly, always remember to call a metro Phoenix pest control expert when you have concerns about a brown recluse spider problem or any other kind of pest infestation. Ask them any questions about the best ways to tackle the problem and their ongoing pest control treatment plans should a pest control issue arise in your home. Phoenix pest control companies are the experts in identifying whether any spiders that you are seeing in your home are dangerous or venomous and are here to help.

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