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How to Talk to Your Kids About Bed Bugs & Other Pests


As awful as it is, things like bedbugs and other pests are all things that families should address. It is much more beneficial for you and for your kids to help explain what they are, where they come from, and how your family is going to deal with them than it is to ignore the problem. There are a few different ways that you can approach the topic of bedbugs that can help make the process easier overall for both children and parents.

For starters, it is always helpful to give your children age appropriate facts. This does not mean to water down the facts so much that they are not accurate, but to shy away from things that may make your child fearful of this very common problem. A great fact to share is that bedbugs do not fly or jump like fleas and mosquitos, instead they crawl. This may help to take away some of the fear associated with them. Another fact to share is that bedbugs can bite at any time. Do not tell children that they bite only at night as this can make them scared to sleep.

Still another helpful fact to share is that people cannot become infested with bedbugs. Bedbugs live in mattresses, carpeting, couches, and other household items, they do not live on people. Children tend to be prone to worry so making sure that they know what they need to in order to be safe is a great place to start.

In all cases of bedbug infestations, it is important that a professional company be called to take care of the problem. It is not enough for a family to spray on their own or try to take care of the problem themselves. One way to help your children understand what is going on is to tell them that you have called someone that knows all about getting rid of bedbugs and that they are going to come take care of the problem.

A pest control company will do a range of things to remove bedbugs from your home and prevent re-infestation. Some common remedies include insect interceptors under the bed legs and mattress protectors to keep your bed free of bugs. It is helpful to let kids know what these items are doing to keep them safe.

Interceptors are discs that go under bed legs and that make it very difficult for crawling bugs like bedbugs to make it up to the mattress. Tell your children that these traps are only harmful to bugs and that they protect them. Mattress protectors make it hard for bedbugs to survive in the mattress because they limit the access of the bedbug to the person that is sleeping in the bed as well as cut off oxygen supplies. You can even talk to them about bed bugs causes.

Though bedbugs are unpleasant, they do not have to be something that your child needs to worry about. Make sure you allow your children to ask any questions that they may have and allow them to learn all they can about bedbugs. Try not to show fear or let your kids know that you are afraid of the bedbugs in the home. It is always best to show your kids that you are handling the issue safely and that you are not afraid of what may happen. Bedbugs do not carry infection or disease so this may also make your child feel better about dealing with an infestation. Take the time to educate your kids.

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