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The Human Side of Bed Bugs

effects of bed bugs on the human mind

The Extreme Effects Bed Bug Infestations Can Have on the Human Mind

Don’t be fooled. Bed bug infestations can be very psychologically damaging to some of

their victims. Infestations of any kind frighten people around the world and there are real effects when a parasitic infestation, such as bed bugs, takes over your homes and your life.

By consulting with a professional bed bug exterminator company after your own infestation, you are focusing on eliminating bed bugs from the premises, and learning about how to prevent repeat infestations in the future. However, often victims are not aware of the immediate and lingering psychological effects that an infestation can have on them and their families.

Along with the clean up process that your home will face, you need to ensure that you are mentally prepared to overcome both the small and major challenges that can effect your mental well being and day to day life following a bed bug infestation.


Some Common Effects of Facing a Bed Bug Infestation:

  • Insomnia:

    A lot of people suffer from insomnia, a sleep disorder that causes the inability to go to sleep or stay asleep for long periods of time, following an infestation in their home. Often the cause of the insomnia is the fear that bugs are still present and crawling under the covers.

  • Fear:

    Victims continue to live with the uncertainty that bed bugs may return, and as a result become hyper vigilant in their routines and behavior in fear of allowing a repeat infestation. This fear is often exacerbated by the fact that bed bugs invade our most private retreats, such as our beds and living room furniture, basically making it impossible to enjoy any intimate or peaceful moments without fear of being attacked.

  • Isolation:

    People will often consciously or subconsciously isolate themselves socially due to the fear of being judged by their peers as a result of having visible bed bug bites or being stigmatized as unclean or messy due to their infestation. Bed bug victims tend to keep to themselves rather than risk the spreading of bugs to friends and family during an infestation, which can become an ongoing issue even after the pests have been exterminated.

  • Stress:

    Depression and anxiety are also often seen as a result of the stress an infestation can cause and the toll it has on the human mind. Even though it is known that bed bugs do not transmit diseases, and in most cases their bites are harmless, their mere presence and bites can certainly play havoc with a victim’s mental health.


More Extreme Effects of Dealing with Bed Bugs:


Nightmares and flashbacks can become common occurrences for victims after a bed bug infestation. In the long run, these can results in delusions and paranoia, an ongoing irrational fear of bed bugs, which have been known to affect some people even long after the infestation has been resolved. Even after a home has been cleared of the pests, it can be very difficult for victims to peacefully sleep in a bed or in a room that was previously infested and caused so much turmoil in their lives.

Intensify Previous Conditions:

The ongoing stress caused by a bed bug infestation is very real, as all the effects outlined above reveal. In certain victims, dealing with bed bugs has also been known to cause previous medical or mental conditions to magnify.

Knowing that there can be extreme long-lasting effects of a bed bug infestation is important knowledge, as it prepares you to address both the physical and mental aspects of combating your pest control issues. And having the right solution for your bed bug problem is the first step toward ensuring the extermination is handled efficiently and effectively.

A bed bug infestation, in every case an unexpected occurrence, can quickly become too much to handle if it is not immediately addressed by a professional, and the situation will even appear hopeless and frustrating. As a bed bug victim, you need to involve professionals as soon as you detect or even suspect an infestation in order to stop the spread. If you feel the stress negatively affecting your mental health, you should also consult your doctor.

It is important to understand that you are not the only bed bug victim out there, and that an infestation can befall anyone at any time due to no fault of their own. If you travel, go antiquing, or like to host friends for a dinner party, you could become a victim of a bed bug infestation. It only takes one hitchhiking bug to enter your home in a suitcase, jacket, or piece of furniture.

The best way to treat the human side of bed bugs and remedy your fear of a bed bug infestation or a re-infestation is by contacting a knowledgable and experienced local professional bed bug exterminator, such as All Bed Bugs Begone. Your trusted professional exterminator will focus on ridding your home of these psychologically damaging bugs with the use of a combination of heat and chemical treatment to ensure all bed bugs are eradicated and will never return. After the bed bug treatment, you can once again feel confident and secure in your bed at night, and sleep safe and sound without any unwanted company.

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