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bed bug paranoiaBed bugs leave painful itchy welts, and getting rid of them can be a chore. Once they are gone, many people continue to worry about their return, and may even fear their return to the point of bed bug paranoia.  They don’t feel safe going to sleep, because they are so often tired, stress becomes compounded to the point that some compare the problem to post traumatic stress disorder.

Fighting the Stigma

Fighting the stigma against bedbugs can be as difficult as fighting the bugs themselves. Many people equate bedbugs  with a lower social status or a sign that the person is unclean. It is important to put these misconceptions aside and let others know about the problem. You are far from alone. A 2013 survey revealed that 99.6 percent of exterminators had calls about bed bugs in the previous year, and just in New York City over 9200 people complained about the invaders that year as well.

The simple truth is, if you have bed bugs, you don’t have time for stigma. A single female bed bug will lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. A small to moderate problem can become a very big problem very fast. It is important to get professionals to help right away to prevent it from getting out of control. The more open you can be about the challenge of bedbugs, and your steps to fix it, the more the stigma is diminished, and the more comfortable you and others become in reaching out for help for both the physical and psychological impact of bedbugs.

Lasting Problems

Bed bug bites themselves are painful and itchy, and many people face a lot of stress even thinking about it. A survey that reached seven different cities asked about bed bug related insomnia, anxiety, and emotional distress. Insomnia was reported in 29 percent of respondents, emotional distress in 22 percent, and anxiety in 20 percent. In several cases, full blown bed bug paranoia has surfaced, and some have seen symptoms similar to PTSD.

Bed bug paranoia, or paranoia in general can be very limiting to a person’s quality of life. The main symptoms involve an intense and irrational suspicion that can lead to anger and frustration. All the more reason to ask quickly.

Choosing a Pest Control Professional

Getting rid of bedbugs will usually require help from a pest control professional, who has a proven history of success. There are two methods of professional use when it comes to bed bug infestations: chemicals and heat.

Both of these methods are likely to kill a lot of bed bugs, but chemical methods raise quite a few concerns. Both the people and the pets that live in the home can be harmed by the chemicals as well, and they also have a negative impact on the environment as a whole. The strongest bed bugs have also become resistant to the chemical, with research showing that it can take a dose 1000 times higher to kill these bed bugs today than it took a decade ago.

While bedbugs develop a chemical resistance, they don’t develop the same resistance against heat. Overall, it is much safer and more effective to use a professional service that gets rid of bed bugs by using heat, such as All Bed Bugs Be Gone.

We deal exclusively with bed bugs and use only heat to get rid of the problem, The top survival temperature for a bed bug is around 120 degrees, and our system heats the infested home to up to 185 degrees for 6-8 hours. It is very rare for customers to see any bed bug survivors after the treatment, and we offer a 30 day guarantee to be extra sure. Our excellent track record has helped us earn an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Live Your Life

Throughout your struggle to get rid of bed bugs, and after then are gone, it i important to do what you can to avoid having the problem consume you.  Get out of the house, and do things you enjoy with friends and family. Admit to what’s going on, but don’t let the infestation become the central thing that is driving your life.

When the bed bugs are gone, it is natural to worry that they will return.  It is important to be proactive with prevention, but ultimately you should be able to live a normal life.

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