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Preparing for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Preparing for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs. While over-the-counter solutions might temporarily get rid of the problem, the bugs will come back eventually. That’s because these chemical treatments only eliminate adult and mobile bugs. The eggs and most of the larvae aren’t affected by them so the bed bugs come back after a few weeks. Heat treatment will target adult bugs as well as the eggs and larvae and minimize the chances of them coming back.

These Treatments Need Some Preparation in Advance

Heat treatments are highly effective but they have a small failure rate as well. Failure usually happens because of lack of bed bug treatment preparation or if the bed bugs move out of the house during treatment and are brought back in by guests, family members, and visitors. If you prepare your home and observe a few precautions after the treatment is applied, the bed bugs won’t come back and you’ll be able to sleep in peace.

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment

Your exterminator will give you a list of things to do before they carry out the treatment. You should follow those instructions carefully. Here’s a brief introduction to what they might contain:

Wash the Bed Linen Carefully – Bed linen often contains a lot of bed bugs, especially before the heat treatment is applied. It’s easier to strip the beds of all linen carefully and wash it. Heat washing will eliminate all the bed bugs if you run the dry cycle a little longer after the fabrics are dried. The bed bugs need to be exposed to 130° of heat in the dryer to die completely.

Organize or Clear the Closet – If your closet is too tightly packed, you’ll leave hiding places for bed bugs to linger in as the heat treatment is applied. You should remove some items of clothing from the closet and loosen up the space. This will allow the heat from the treatment to penetrate into the clothes and closet area and ensure bed bugs have no place to hide. Make sure the clothes removed from the closet are washed and dried as the linens have been. If you can’t wash the clothes, seal them in an air-tight plastic bag.

Move the Furniture – Move the furniture away from the walls and from each other. This will allow the heat from the treatment to spread to all corners of the room and eliminate any bed bugs lingering in walls, corners, and tight spaces.

Disconnect Appliances – You should disconnect appliances, especially the refrigerator before the treatment. The internal temperature of the appliance will still be quite cool during the treatment so nothing will be spoiled.

Items You Need to Remove

There are several items you will need to remove from the room before the treatment. Most exterminators will ask you to remove these items because they can become damaged by the heat:

  • Items that can melt – wax candles, soft plastics, makeup, etc.
  • Medicines, wine, and alcohol products
  • Smoke detectors & and In roof water fire suppressants
  • Pets and living animals
  • Oil paintings, fine art, and art supplies
  • Fire extinguishers and pressurized aerosol cans
  • Bullets, explosives, lighters, matches, and anything flammable
  • Batteries

It’s also a good idea to consult with the extermination expert about the preparations you should take before the treatment. If you work with the professional and help them, you’ll see better results. They’ll explain how you should go about preparing for the bed bug heat treatment and give you instructions on what you need to do after the treatment is applied.

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