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So You Have Bed Bugs. What Do You Have to Throw Away?

Finding bed bugs in your home can be a frightening discovery. If you’re in this situation, it’s likely that your first thought was to throw everything away. Or, if you’ve looked into chemical bed bug treatments, perhaps you’ve heard that it’s necessary to throw most of your possessions away. You might be surprised to learn that how much of your stuff can keep, and why you may actually want to avoid moving items out of your house.

Contacting a Professional

Bed bug infestations almost always require professional pest control to eliminate. If you spot bed bugs in your home, contact All Bed Bugs Begone for free consultation. It’s important to work closely with your professional to determine what should be done with your possessions. Chemical treatments often require special preparation beforehand and the disposal of certain items. All Bed Bugs Begone’s heat treatment requires little or no preparation, uses no harsh chemicals, and is safe for almost all fabrics and materials.

Eliminating Clutter

Bed bugs love small spaces, making piles of clutter ideal hiding spots. Unlike chemical treatments, our heat treatment will be able to reach small spaces in your home. Nevertheless,  eliminating unnecessary clutter, especially underneath your bed, will give these pests one less place to live. De-clutter your home by going through any items you don’t want or use, and throwing them away.

clean room vs messy room

Which room has more hiding places for bed bugs?

Salvaging Clothing 

Temperatures above 120 degrees can kill bed bugs. This same method that is applied to your home during a our heat treatment can also be applied to your clothes. Wash your clothing in hot water and dry them in high heat for at least 20 minutes. If your clothing must be taken elsewhere for cleaning, be sure to place it all in an airtight plastic bag first.

Tackling Your Mattress

Without any special measures, carting your mattress out to the curb can backfire. Although throwing your mattress away can eliminate a large number of bed bugs, the important thing to keep in mind is that these pests can also be shifted during the haul, spreading the infestation throughout your home. Furthermore, a mattress on the side of the road can attract a new owner, and pass an infestation on to another home.

An alternative measure is to purchase a plastic encasement for your mattress and box spring. A plastic encasement will trap bed bugs inside, preventing them for feeding, and keep bed bugs outside of the encasement from burrowing in your mattress, making them easy to remove. To be effective, mattress encasements must be kept in tact. Padding any bolts or rough edges along your bed frame to prevent damaging the encasement. If you can’t bear to keep your mattress, dispose of it properly: contain the bed bugs by wrapping your mattress and box spring in plastic or shrink wrap before moving them.

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