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The 2 Grossest Bed Bug Videos

If you have ever had a bed bug problem in your home, you probably know exactly what the people who live in the homes in these videos have gone through. However, you likely did not have an infestation nearly as bad, so you can be thankful in that respect. Bed bugs are some of the nastiest pests around; they are creepy bloodsucking insects that feed on people and leave blood and feces everywhere they go. We have tracked down some of the worst infestations available on YouTube. As a fair warning, don’t watch these videos if you have a weak stomach.

Chances are you are going to be itching yourself and cringing in your seat. Some of these clips are so bad that we can only wonder how the people even managed to live in the space in the first place. You will see what we’re talking about in a minute.

All in all, let these videos demonstrate the importance of addressing bed bug problems as soon as they are noticed. Don’t wait to hire a bed bug pest control expert when you detect an infestation, because if you do, you could find your home subject to similar circumstances. You may be going back and forth about spending the money on a technician vs. trying to get rid of the problem on your own, but we are pretty sure a few glances at these infestation videos will make you think otherwise. Hiring a pest control technician who specializes in bed bug extermination in Phoenix really is money well spent, and here is why.

The Worst of the Worst:  Top Bed Bug Infestations

Words cannot describe how sick this video is. You can tell that the guys are wearing protective gear by the way they sound, but can you blame them? In this case, the tenants never reported the bed bug problem to the apartment manager. Apartment infestations are some of the worst, as bed bugs can actually travel from apartment to apartment. At the time of the recording, these insects had been living in this room for a few months. They have literally invaded every corner of the space, but the mattress is by far the worst. You couldn’t pay us a billion dollars to sleep in that bed.


Just a couple seconds in to this next video and we see thousands of bed bugs on the walls, mattress, bed frame and carpet. There is not one inch of this room that has not been affected by these pests. Did you see how big some of these suckers (no pun intended) are? Many of them look big enough to be ticks. In general, bed bugs can grow to 1/4” in length, though after feeding on a blood meal, they can triple in size.


If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home, contact us for more information regarding treatments. Don’t allow the bed bugs to take over as they did in the videos above. Take on your bed bug infestation problem with the help of an expert technician today.

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