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Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling

bed bugs

A little bite here and a little bite there. A little swelling and itching. Did you have doubts about the cause? Well, you know it even before you pronounce the word. Eeeh… Bed bugs! Irrespective of any state in the U.S or elsewhere in the world this could be an omnipresent problem when you are traveling, more so in hotel rooms and hotel beds. It certainly is a problem that cannot be seen with naked eyes, unless you roam around with a magnifying glass, but they are certainly felt right down to below the skin.

Bed Bugs and Hotel Rooms

Bed bug infestations are at its highest at hotels and motels. In short, any lodging that is rented out for commercial purposes might pose a bug problem. On the face of it, the bed or couches may look immaculately clean, but on closer inspection, they may pose to have a severe bug problem. You may not feel it until you sleep on it for a longer duration. Bugs are tiny little insects that mostly stay in dark and dingy places and start their attack at night. Before you know it, these little bugs may get inside your clothes and baggage, with the risk of even spreading it at home. The worst part of these bugs is that they multiply in hundreds, therefore making it rather difficult to control them.

 How can you tell that there are bugs in your hotel room?

The first thing would be to inspect the room. Make sure that the upholstery on the couches and chairs or the bed linens do not contain brown stains, which typically would be blood stains. Look for eggs on mattresses, cushions and pillows. If you have a torchlight, spend some time inspecting the hidden spots to see if you can see any bugs. However, this is not a foolproof method, as you may still wake up in the morning with bug bites and red itchy skin. Make sure to keep your clothes or your baggage from direct contact with bed or mattresses. Keep them on the luggage rack and away from any direct contact with any cupboards and storage spaces. In case you do sight any of these insects, call the housekeeping and ask them to attend to the problem, or ask for a room change immediately.

That is as far as staying in a hotel is concerned. On reaching home, inspect your baggage before taking it into your room, or putting your clothes away. Ideally get a round of washing done to be totally free of the parasite, in case there is one somewhere in your clothes. To be on the safe side get a pest control or a steam control done at your premises. One small bug might cause havoc and might multiply by leaps and bounds. Better to take steps to prevent it, than look for a cure once it has spread!

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