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What Attracts Bed Bugs

Bed bugsWhether you’ve battled bed bugs firsthand or heard horror stories from others, you’re sure to ask, “How does someone get bed bugs?” and, “What can I do to prevent them?” Despite the stigma surrounding bed bugs, who you are and how you live have little to do with getting them. Bed bugs can strike anyone’s home—the young or old, rich or poor, clean or dirty. What attracts these pests is something all humans possess, something each of us has coursing through our veins.

Out for Blood

Bed bugs feed on blood. Though they can feed on warm-blooded animals—in fact, it’s suspected that thousands of years ago, they did just that—they have evolved primarily into human parasites. One reason for this is our lack of thick fur, which makes us easiest to prey upon. As we sleep, the heat we give off and CO2 we exhale leads these pest right to our beds, where they get a quick bite to eat.

What You Can Do

Being that bed bugs aren’t particular, anyone can be a target. Their hardiness makes them especially unsettling, as they can live up to one year without feeding and have, over the last few decades, become largely resistant to chemical pesticides. So, what can you do to protect yourself? Awareness is arguably your greatest weapon against bed bugs. Being mindful of bed bugs, doing a thorough once-over of any clothing or furniture coming into your home, is the easiest way to avoid carrying them in.

And, while cleanliness won’t necessarily prevent bed bugs, keeping your home clutter-free will make it less-ideal for them. Bed bugs enjoy nesting in dark nooks and crannies. By getting rid of any unwanted or unused items, and keeping things off of the floor, you reduce the number of places where they can hide. If you’re already struggling with these unwanted house guests, take a look at some of our other posts to see what steps you can take to rid your home of them completely. As always, contacting a professional should be a top priority.

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  • Aaron Carter

    Ah the thought of bed bugs just makes me cringe. I want to get a pest control in my house just to check it out. I can’t stand the thought of them.

    Aaron Carter |

  • Seamus Lowe

    That’s kind of creepy to think that bed bugs are only focusing on humans. I’ve known quite a few people who have had bed bug problems and they did everything thy could to get rid of them. They really are attracted to the heat and CO2 that our bodies give off? I’ve never heard of that before. That’s creepy.
    -Seamus |

  • Keara Littner

    I have been wondering what I can do to keep bed bugs out of my home. It is slightly unsettling that they have become resistant to chemical pesticides. Is there anything that you can do to get them out once they have come into your home, or is the best option to contact a pest control company?
    Keara Littner |

  • Pavlos Lombardi

    Thanks for the great information. I’ve always been really curious on why I’ve been getting bed bugs. Now I can see why they’ve been crawling out of hiding. I’ll have to do something about it next time I find one.

  • Marco Wooden

    I genuinely thought that bedbugs invaded due to level of cleanliness in your home. Which is why I was surprised when we found bedbug stains on our couch. is it possible that our cat could have brought some in?

  • Nora Moore

    I’ve heard that bed bugs are almost impossible to get rid of once you have them. I will definitely check out any furniture for them before I bring it in my house. I don’t want to have to deal with being bitten every night. It’s kind of disturbing that they can live a year without food.

  • John Lund

    My son told me that we had chicken pocks and he cant go to school. I took a look at them and the looked more like bites. We went and looked in his bed and there were a lot of little bugs over his bed. I knew they were bed bugs, but I don’t know how to get ride of them.

  • Wally West

    My wife and I went on our honeymoon overseas and we ended up bringing back bedbugs. We noticed the bugs one night when we were about to go to sleep. My wife started screaming and freaking out. We are both germaphobes and so we immediately took a shower. We ended up throwing out our old mattress and calling a profesional to come in and eradicate any remaining bedbugs.

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