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What Not to Do When You Have a Bed Bug Infestation


Bed bug infestations have been increasing at alarming rates across the US and with the heavy summer travel season coming up, many homeowners are looking for ways to avoid these nasty pests. If you think anyone in your household has been exposed to bed bugs, it is important to follow the rules of what not to do when you have bed bugs to keep your home safe. With a few smart prevention steps and quick action, the majority of homeowners can get rid of bed bugs, no matter the season.

What Not to Do When You Have Bed Bugs

  1. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in the home, it is very important not to panic. Bed bug infestations can be controlled with proper methods from trusted exterminators like the team at All Bed Bugs Begone.
  2. If you have been sleeping in a bed with bed bugs do not simply start sleeping in another bed in the home or on a couch. This will spread the infestation to other parts of the home and make that much more work for you during the removal process.
  3. Do not move furniture or clothing items from room to room as this is the easiest way to spread bed bugs throughout the home.
  4. Do not try to kill bed bugs by yourself by using pesticides or other chemical treatments. These extermination methods can be very dangerous and harmful to both humans and pets.
  5. Avoid using “homemade” or “custom formulated” pesticide products as well. These can also be dangerous to use in the home and make you and your loved ones sick.
  6. Don’t throw away your mattresses and other furniture. Throwing these items in the trash can help to spread bed bugs to other areas. Luckily, your bed and other household furniture can be treated to remove bed bugs.

Avoid wrapping household items in plastic bags and placing them in the sun to try to kill the bed bugs. Unfortunately, this method does not cause the items to become hot enough to kill any bed bugs and may increase their chances of breeding.

How to Eradicate Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations can be very hard to fight on your own, but with the help of professional treatment options, they can be eradicated from your home. When an infestation has gotten out of your control, it’s time to call in the experts to rid your house of these pests once and for all. Homeowners have the option of choosing one of two major professional treatment options, chemical or heat treatment.

At All Bed Bugs Begone, heat treatment is the preferred method of eliminating bed bugs in the home. This is because chemical treatments can be very dangerous and harmful to your health. Additionally, new research has shown that many strains of bed bugs can survive chemical treatments. Heat treatment on the other hand is 100 percent safe and with temperatures of up to 185ºF, bed bugs cannot survive.

Be Smart and Safe When Removing Bed Bugs

While bed bugs can be difficult to deal with, it’s important to remember that they can be eradicated from your home. If you see signs of bed bugs remember not to panic and put your trust in the professional team at All Bed Bugs Begone to help make your home bed bug free once again. Visit us online today for more information about bed bug infestations and helpful tips on how to keep your home bed bug free.

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