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What To Do For a Bed Bug Bite

Many parents tuck their children in at night with the words, “Night, night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” But controlling bed bugs and/or their bites is hardly child’s play. When a home has a bed bug infestation the bugs are nondiscriminatory on who they are willing to bite in order to ensure their survival. They’ll bite adults, kids, and even the family pet. That’s why when you have bed bugs in your home it’s important to know what to do for a bed bug bite.

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs appear as red welts on the skin, and there are often multiple welts close together where a bug has taken more than one bite. Bed bugs do not stay on the body, but retreat back into a safe place, such as the crevices of a mattress once they have eaten their fill. When a bug does bite multiple times, it is usually because the person or pet has moved. On a pet, the bites look much the same as they do on a human, but can be mistaken for flea bites because that is what is more common.

When the first few bites appear, discomfort is often minimal. Some experience only slight itching and perhaps mild burning. Some barely feel the first bites at all and they can go unnoticed for days. However, others have a larger reaction, and the welts can turn into itchy, painful blisters. Besides the marks on the body, bed bugs can leave their “calling cards” on the sheets or even the pajamas of their food source, These appear as red, brown or black spots representative of blood or bug feces.

Dangers and Treatment of Bed Bug Bites

Unlike some other bug bites, there is not a big risk of contracting a disease directly from bed bug bites. The larger risk comes from scratching the bites, which could bring about a secondary infection.  To prevent infection, it is important to keep bites clean and disinfected and avoid scratching. In some cases, people may develop a more severe reaction to the bites if they are actually allergic to bed bugs. They pose the largest danger to children, people who have weak immune systems, or the elderly.

Knowing What To Do for a Bed Bug Bite

In addition to problems with skin itching or burning, having bed bug bites is also psychologically disturbing. Ultimately, the only way to really deal with bed bug bites is to deal with the bed bugs. Because bed bugs can multiply quickly and are masters at the game of “hide and go seek,” it is nearly impossible for most people to get rid of an infestation on their own. Some call in popular extermination companies to help, but even these can pose problems as both pets and humans of the household may be sensitive to the chemicals used to get rid of the bed bugs.

All Bed Bugs Be Gone is an extermination company located in both Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona that specializes in getting rid of bed bugs by using high levels of heat throughout your home. Bed bugs can only survive in temperatures of up to 122 degrees, but we heat infested homes up to 185 degrees, in order to feel confident in guaranteeing the removal of 100% of the infestation for a full 30 days. We also help  with the moving of furniture and drapes or other items in the home to make sure that they are not damaged by the treatment.

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