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Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where do Bed Bugs Come From

Bed bugs infestations can cause you a lot of grief and trouble. These little pests can ruin your sleep, leave behind nasty bites, and make you anxious and paranoid about bug bites. Once the bed bugs arrive on your property, they can be very difficult to remove. A single infestation can cause trouble for weeks, if not months. Techniques like heat treatment eliminate bed bugs, but prevention is ideal. But where did they come from in the first place?

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs survive on blood from living beings and have a particular preference for human blood. Humans are just easier to feed from, especially during the night. Bed bugs are uniquely designed to crawl all over humans and draw their blood painlessly. Humans don’t even notice that they’re bitten until they see the bug bites or experience irritation. As bed bugs feed on humans, they’re most commonly found in places with humans. Here are some places where you can pick up the bed bug:

  1. Hotels – This is the most common reason behind bed bug infestations. Some hotels and accommodations don’t follow the same pest control and hygiene standards as reputable hotels and motels. You can pick up bed bugs from these locations and unknowingly transport it to your home.
  2. Airports and Public Transport – Bed bugs don’t like to be jostled and agitated. Because of this, it’s rare to find them in public transport systems and airports. However, you can pick up a couple of these bugs in public transport as well. For example, if a person carrying a few bed bugs in their bag or clothes arrives at the airport, they might drop a few bed bugs in the lounge area. These bugs can multiply and infest everyone who travels through the airport.
  3. They Travel in Your Bags – Bed bugs don’t like excessive warmth, movement, and brightness. They won’t travel on you when they have the option to infest your bag and accessories. If you take appropriate measures to protect and seal your baggage, you won’t have to worry about bed bug infestation. You can purchase bed-bug resistant and protective covers stop them from getting into your bags.
  4. Guests – Guests can bring bed bugs with them, especially if they’re coming from a vacation spot or have stayed over in hotels before they arrived at your home. You can try to minimize the chances of being infested by bed bugs when guests come over by protecting your guest bedroom beds and furniture. You can install protective covering and lining on the furniture to ensure bugs can’t linger and are caught in bed bug traps.
  5. Used Furniture – Used furniture can also cause a bed bug infestation. If the piece isn’t thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, you shouldn’t bring it into your home. If you do want to purchase used furniture, make sure they’re bed bug free by inspecting and cleaning it first.

What Causes Bed Bugs?

  1. Lack of Hygiene Isn’t the Cause – While bed bugs are more widespread in poor areas, you can also find them in exclusive gated communities. Bugs don’t differentiate between the environments or the type of human blood. Don’t assume that you’re free from the infestation just because you have a well-designed and well-maintained home. Unkempt and dirty homes just give them more room to hide, which is what they prefer. They like dark and dry spaces and will settle in these corners regardless of where you live.
  2. Human Body – Bed bugs love the mild warmth, blood, and the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. In fact, they’re attracted to humans because of the CO2 and will use that can a guide to find you when you sleep. Bed bugs aren’t similarly attracted to animals so you won’t find them on your pet dog or cat.
  3. Clutter – If your home or room is cluttered, you’re more likely to see bed bugs. Such spaces have more dark and warm sports for these pests to hide in.

If you know where the bed bugs come from, you can learn how to take the right precautions and avoid them entirely. This is the most affordable and easiest way to deal with the pests. If you don’t let bed bugs enter your property, you won’t need to pay for heat treatments or other pest control measures. You can sleep without worries and remain bed bug free.

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